Early Literacy – Beyond Books

Our focus for Foundation Class (infants – 1 year) in November is Early Literacy – Beyond Books.  Just what does reading provide to your infant?  It is more than you think.  When you are sharing a story your baby: Hears the inflection of your voice Sees your animated facial expressions Experiences and learns about objects, words, and colors  Feels the …

Music & Your Mental Health

Another in our series of Music as Medicine series. Music increases Dopamine levels Music provides an outlet for self expression Music can help us relax Music connects us with others Music Motivates us

Lisa Harrigan – #useyourvoice #findjoyinsinging

We are thrilled to introduce Lisa Harrigan to the Voice Faculty at the River School of Music! Lisa is a passionate vocal performer and gifted educators with a lot of HEART. Here is what we have to say about Lisa. Lisa is a vocalist, keyboardist, and proud music instructor. She holds a Bachelors degree of music from the Chicago College …

How Does Music Affect Your Mind & Mood?

Just how does music affect your mind and mood?  Even if we don’t understand it all, no one can argue with the fact that music can lift us, calm us or excite us.  Learn more about it here 

Special Offer from Copper Street Brass!

Huge thank you to Copper Street Brass for extending a special offer to friends of River School of Music!  Don’t miss a chance to see these talented musician / educators at Hamline University September 29 & 30.

Teacher Spot Light: Tina Egli

If you have every had a conversation with Tina, seen her work with children, heard her sing or gotten one of these hugs, you know what true unconditional love feels like. Tina has found her calling in teaching Kindermusik, which she did earlier in life, while waiting tables and living in Rhode Island when she and Nate were first married. …

What 4 year olds should know

I have been in early childhood music education for 26 years and in general public school music education for 4 years before that.  There have been many trends that have come and gone.  Preschool for the very young, sometimes less than 2 years old is one of my least favorite. There is no judgement here of loving daycares where children …

What does Kindermusik & a Gym Membership have in common?

Did you know that once you are enrolled in Kindermusik you are welcome and encouraged to attend additional classes throughout the week?  This is unique to music classes in the Twin Cities, which are usually a once a week affair.  Here at Kindermusik of the Valley we believe in the case of making music inside a smart and loving community …

The Goods on Guitar Lessons

The guitar is a perfect instrument.  You can learn it by looking at pictures, called tabs, that show where to put fingers down.  It has a rich sound, its portable and can be played in many many styles.  But when is the right time to learn?  Great question.  A few things to ask yourself or your child who want to …

Kindermusik for Babies in Burnsville

Are you wondering just what a music/parenting class for infants is like.  Take a peek here to see how we celebrate, play, cuddle, dance and learn together.