Classes & Ensembles

Experience the joy of making music with others! Cyprus School of Music and the Arts offers quality classes and instrumental ensembles in Music and the Arts in Burnsville!

We would return to Kindermusik a million times over! The teachers all have such a passion for music and their love for kids is so evident it brings tears to my eyes watching them interact with my son. I 100% recommend this program to everyone I know!

Kindermusik Classes


Kindermusik Foundations

A delicious time of calm, relaxing and steady support for you and your baby. You will find a sweet community of parents who learn and celebrate their baby’s musical discoveries and milestones together. Watch your baby coo, babble, and squeal with delight as they discover new movements, sounds, sensations, and feel your love through song.
Take a peek inside our Foundations class


Kindermusik Ones & Twos

An uplifting class where joy and giggles abound! Sing, sway dance and play with your toddler’s busy body! Our bouncy songs, social dances, creative musical activities will transform the hours of your day, infusing all them with music and love!
Take a peek inside our Level 1 class


Kindermusik Twos & Threes

Your active, funny, curious, smart, sweet, sensitive child is learning every moment of every day. Kindermusik is the way to be part of this exciting time! Do you need a song to get the shoes on, get to into the car, go to the park, take a bath…. We have got that! You will be AMAZED at how a song, a story or a little dance can ease the transitions of the day for you and your little one.
Take a peek inside our Level 2 class


Kindermusik Threes & Fours

In Laugh & Learn your child’s amazing imagination and passion for (you choose) dinosaurs, nature, pink, green, stories, unicorns, horses… will be right at home in our joyful and loving classroom. Our teachers are masters at spinning a tale or a song using your preschoolers’ unexpected and delightful ideas. Your child will find a sweet community of other children all beginning to understand the joy of learning together.


Kindermusik Fours & Fives

This is the perfect class for your child who loves music, stories, and other kids! Parents cannot believe the amount of musical depth in our Move & Groove class! Discover rhythm, melody, dynamics, musical articulations – its CRAZY how much they learn – but they don’t really notice, as every thing is wrapped in creative themes, social instrumental play and stories. This is the perfect introduction to later formal music lessons.

CSMA Spring Classes



Pre-Piano Class is a unique and joyful introduction to piano. You will get to know the piano as you travel through a storybook world. Many musical concepts are explored and learned in this creative curriculum. A social learning format makes the lesson fly by!


String Pops Ensemble

This class is an opportunity for string (piano, violin, viola, cello) students to take a break from their classical studies and play fun music from the radio, film, and more. Performance selections will include arrangements of pop and rocks songs, music from Lindsey Stirling, 2 Cellos, The Piano Guys, and themes from films and video games.
String Pops Ensemble is an intermediate to advanced group suggested for ages 12 through 18; ability to read music is required.



Cyprus Drama provides students an opportunity to experience the many positives of performing in live theatre. Through the chosen productions, students will study character development, stagecraft, lines, and blocking cues. Games and exercises allow students to learn to trust the other members of the cast. Students will find the courage to tell an audience a story and will have a tremendous amount of fun.