Is Music the Answer to Emotional Intelligence?

What is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE anyway?  This term was coined and defined by Peter Salovey and John D Mayer as
“the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action”

Another way to say it might be the ability to manage your own emotions and read what is happening emotionally with others.  This appears to be important not only to a person’s wellness but also to his or her ability to succeed in life.

Think about it – if we can notice another person’s emotional state – upset or elation we can act in a way that is helpful and makes sense.
One way that music can help with this – is that it is a way to hear, think about, interpret and explore different emotional states.  Listening to music, talking about how it makes us feel – makes us aware of our own emotions and that is the very first step.

I recently spent some time in beautiful New Orleans – where the Jazz is playful and bouncy, or smooth and thoughtful, it can be a slow and mournful FIRST LINE or a celebratory SECOND LINE.

Another way that music can be of use to us – in the learning to play it, we can catch oh so much more.  Becoming aware, empathetic, helpful, beautiful people – from the bottom up.

Interested in learning more?  This article points to more specific musical benefits in the world of emotional intelligence.

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