Thoughts on Back to School

These two kids, my own Lorelei and Tucker have long ago had their last “first day of school” but I remember what it is like.  The new shoes, the many many pocket folders, the trapper keeper or some other type of huge three ring binder.  The impossible to find green felt tip pen (why do they even do that?) and then the surprisingly expensive calculator.  (note: if you are reading this with little children, stand by).

I was one of those moms who wanted to squeeze every last drip out of the summer.  We didn’t start going to bed early until we had to (the night before school starts) but from here I see the wisdom in easing into changes a bit more gradually.  Kindermusik put out a lovely piece on this – that includes some nice quiet music downloads along with other tips that you might find helpful.  Whether starting preschool, elementary, middle, high or home – all the best for the dawning of this new school year.

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